Girls, Women, and Alcohol

Girls, Women, and Alcohol

The Center of Alcohol Marketing and Youth in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health presents some very interesting facts and studies about the consumption of alcohol among girls and women:

“Women metabolize alcohol differently than men. When women and men of the same body weight drink the same amount of alcohol, women reach higher peak blood alcohol levels.

In a study using BRFSS data from 1991-2005, the prevalence of pregnant women ages 18-44 reporting any alcohol use while pregnant was 12.2%. 1.9% of these pregnant women reported binge drinking while pregnant.

It is estimated that teenage girls who binge drink are up to 63% more likely to become teen mothers. Early initiation of alcohol use also increases the likelihood that a teen mother will drink during pregnancy.”

For more information on the consumption of alcohol among youth in general visit their website:

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