Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and it’s Consequences

Summarizing the article “A Neurodevelopmental Paradigm for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

FASD as a preventable condition combined with a psychosocial history of witnessing or experiencing abuse can predispose individuals to early onset criminal behavior and, in many cases to violent and impulsive aggression. It can also predispose an individual to poor social and academic performance which might lead to school failure.

Links between FASD and criminal behavior

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and the brain damage it causes can lead to deficit an affected individual in the following dimensions:

1. Impaired Neurocognitive Functioning

meaning an affected individual might suffer from learning and memory problems and might have deficits in executive functioning tasks like problem-solving, strategic planning, response inhibition, emotion and urge control and cognitive flexibility. A poor academic performance can lead to school failure.

2. Impaired Self-Regulation

meaning an affected individual can get easily provoked, frustrated, irritated and enraged.

3. Impaired Adaptive Functioning

meaning an affected individual might have arrested development in language skills, daily living skills, social skills and/or moral development.

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