Prom is Not a Big Deal

It’s almost this time of the year again – Prom is coming up.

Plus we are getting ready to start of next wednesday at the Churchill High School with our first presentation for “The Better Safe than Sorry – Alcohol and Unprotected Sex Don’t Mix! Campaign aiming to empower high school students to make informed personal decisions about alcohol use.

A word of advise:

Safety Tip #8: Fashion Tip.

Don’t Vomit on your Favorite Clothes! You spent all this time picking out a stunning dress or tuxedo but you drink too much, you get sick and in the end you throw up all over yourself. IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. Be aware!

Don’t make prom bigger as it is. Stick to the same high standards you would have for yourself at a dance on any other night of the year. BE SAFE and you will have FUN!


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