Safety Tip #10: BE SMART – Beware of Prom Gaming

“It’s a chilly evening in May, and a 17-year-old Kensington girl in a long, silver gown lies on the sidewalk along Rockville Pike, sobbing. “I just want to go to my senior prom”, she wails. (Bethesda Magazine “Wasted Youth”)

For the last months YOU had been looking forward to that day, YOU picked out the perfect gown and your friends just LOVE IT. If that wouldn’t be already awesome enough, that really cute guy or girl, you have had a crush on for quiet a while had asked you for a date. It seemed like all your dreams were coming true.

It’s the day, YOU got all dressed up, the door bell rings…and there is your date, looking as stunning as you could only imagine, ready to pick you up. But before going to your senior prom YOU and your friends get together…and the pre party starts


“Everyone loves games. No one thinks just sitting on the sofa drinking beer is fun.” Good point, but nevertheless it is also more dangerous. You can easily lose control of how much you drink by getting carried away in the game. Games always have rules, right? Meaning you get forced in to drinking because that’s what the rules demand. Personally I love playing beer pong. To me it is not only a fun but also a competitive game…but the fun is only guaranteed until people are too drunk to still score. It is the decision you make. When filling up the cups you could use nonalcoholic beverages instead or just use a little bit of alcohol to be able to still enjoy the rest of YOUR night and NOT end up on the side of the road crying. I for example made it clear that I am not going to drink every single cup, so I had friends to drink for me.

It is okay to say NO. Don’t give in to peer pressure.

We don’t want that special night to end for you in a disaster. There are a few things to keep in mind to have a fun night that YOU WILL REMEMBER. It is up to you to make the decision. BE SMART!

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