Safety Tip #9: Fashion Tip. Don’t Vomit on your Favorite Clothes

Yes you might or might have not seen your peers ending up laying in or being covered with their own vomit. Disgusting, right? Remember the last time you had thrown up and ask yourself: WAS IT FUN? DID IT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD? 

Vomiting can be caused by Alcohol Poisoning

What happens to your body when you get alcohol poisoning? It is common for someone who drank excessive alcohol to vomit since alcohol is an irritant to the stomach.

“Teens can drink to dangerous levels before they realize they should stop. This can result in alcohol poisoning, which occurs when high levels of alcohol affect a drinker’s breathing, heart rate and gag reflex, potentially leading to coma and death.

Many teens think alcohol poisoning is just another part of the party scene and say they’ve been to at least one social event at which someone was taken to the hospital. In May [2012], three ambulances were called to the B-CC prom for students with suspected alcohol poisoning, according to principal Lockard. “It was disturbing for me and students who witnessed their classmates in such a serious condition,” she says.” (

Watch this YouTube video and decide for yourself whether YOU would like to end a night that way:

Consider, really drunk guys or girls are not really attractive at all, are they?!

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