Safety Tip #8: Use Common Sense. Limo drivers are smart.

Limo drivers are smart – they participate in trainings, to keep YOU safe!

There is a Zero Tolerance for alcohol, tobacco and drugs with those Limousine companies trained.

The Keeping it SAFE:
Under Twenty-One Alcohol Prevention Coalition 

held a training for limousine companies covering Maryland alcohol and drug laws and consequences, indicators of alcohol and drug impairment, current teen trends, and best practices regarding the transportation of clients under the age of 21.

To view all limousine companies that participated in this years Keeping it SAFE Coalition Limousine Training, please click here.”

Look at the limo guidelines:

Parent Information Limousine Companies 03.2014

Don’t risk getting kicked out of the limousine ruining not only your own but also all your friends’ night, it’s very simple DON’T SMUGGLE ALCOHOL OR ANY OTHER DRUGS in to the vehicle!

You would like to be treated with respect – treat other’s with respect! Limousine companies are NOT childcare services – if you would like the privilege to attend Prom act in a way that you deserve it, BE SMART!

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