Safety Tip #7: Catch 22 EtOH (til21) & Mj are illegal – 18 year olds Go to Jail not Juvie

 REMEMBER, despite of everything the use of alcohol (till 21) and drugs is illegal and followed by the law!
  • arrest records are permanent
  • citations can get you expelled from school
  • citations can affect your college career and therefore your entire life


“According to Lynch [a Rockville lawyer], alcohol citations issued to 18- to 20-year-olds will appear during a Maryland Judiciary Case search. Citation records are sealed for those under 18, with disclosure tending to be self-reported. Employers, colleges and others can also find out about citations from “collateral sources,” Lynch says, including school counselors and social media.

In December 2011, 35 Whitman students were cited at an underage drinking party in Bethesda. When Whitman Principal Alan Goodwin learned some of their identities through word-of-mouth and from the students themselves, he suspended them from extracurricular activities. One mother’s response: “That can affect [an athletic team’s] entire season and color the way a college looks at an athlete.”

Lynch knows of other students who have suffered the consequences of receiving citations. One lost an IBM internship. Another student had his scholarship, but not admission, revoked by the University of Florida.” (

Watch this police video on YouTube showing  a girl getting arrested for drunk driving. A police officer is giving her the field sobriety test.

18-year old drunk drivers go to JAIL not juvie…and that’s not it, the memories of the incident will stay forever

“Sean Mayhew used to think that, too. He was a popular athlete at Our Lady of Good Counsel and at Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville before earning a full lacrosse scholarship to Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pa. At 18, life stretched before him like an endless ribbon of silken road.

During his first year at college, Mayhew returned to North Potomac over Thanksgiving break, spent time with his family, then drove to Olney to hang out with old friends. Just as they’d done in high school, they drank beer, followed by shots of hard liquor, followed by more beer. Over the course of eight hours, “I probably had 20 drinks,” Mayhew says.

He planned to stay overnight, but when three friends called needing a ride from Potomac, he didn’t hesitate to pick them up. “It’s the invincibility factor,” he says. “You drink and drive once, you make it through, and you don’t think anything’s ever going to happen to you.”

About 2 a.m. that late-November night in 2006, Mayhew careened down Seven Locks Road at 68 mph in his 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, crossed the double yellow line and hit a Mitsubishi Lancer head on, instantly killing two 45-year-old women in an incident that would put him behind bars for nearly two years and haunt him ever after.

Five years later, Spencer Datt, 18, of Derwood, and Haeley McGuire, 18, and John Hoover, 20, both of Rockville, died in an underage drunk-driving accident along Route 108 in Olney. The drunken driver, 20-year-old Kevin Coffay of Rockville, received an initial 20-year sentence, later reduced to eight years.

Sean Mayhew once thought he had everything under control, too. But almost five years after being released from a Clarksburg detention facility with two vehicular manslaughter convictions on his record, he still hasn’t regained his driver’s license, complicating his ability to maintain a job and see friends.

Even so, Mayhew knows he’ll never be completely free. Almost every day something triggers a memory of the crash. “Every time I ask someone for a ride, it’s a reminder. Or else I’ll read a newspaper report of another drunk driving fatality,” he says, “or I’ll have another nightmare where I see the face of one of the women in the accident pressed up against the car window.”” (

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