Safety Tip #5: Have Self-respect. Avoid Social Media Fights!

Who has not made fun of drunk pictures on Facebook or other social media after a night out partying. You simply have to web search “drunk” and you will find all kinds of images you might not like yourself to picture in. And remember once it is out there, the WHOLE WORLD has access to it.

Have you ever considered that if you apply for a job, the company is going to web search your name and look through every piece of information it is linked to? Do you really want last night’s drunk party pics to be one of them?


On one of my class trips in high school, way before Facebook existed, I had a guy friend, who was certainly drunk, fall asleep on the doormat in front of our apartment door. When we confronted him with the story the next morning, he was so embarrassed. And even now, about 10 years later, his story is the first thing that came in my mind and although the picture is not out there on the web, it is going to be forever in my memory. Do you want to be in somebody’s memory like that?


Recent published article by NY Daily News “Teenage Wasteland: Twitter account reveals drunk and naked antics of Long Island teens”

“Kids do stupid things. We’ve probably all done stupid things, now you’ve got social media to be able to publish to the world how dumb you are forever,” Peter Winick, a Port Washington parent, told CBS New York.

Extract of the article “Wasted Youth” by Gabriele McCormick

“The evidence remains long after the party is over, however. A 2012 Churchill graduate notes that Facebook is filled with pictures from Friday and Saturday night parties. One B-CC mother guessed her son’s Facebook password and discovered pictures of teens throwing up or passed out, with bottles “piled everywhere,” and partygoers whose parents have sworn their children don’t drink.”

What about the “danger of drunk texting”? Have you ever accidentally texted somebody else or looked at the text the next morning and you had a hard time figuring out what you were trying to say yourself? Yes, it might be funny at first, also regarding to the fact that some pages on the internet post “funny drunk texts” but it doesn’t go over so well if you accidentally text your parents, your teacher or even your boss, right? Just think about the consequences for a moment…is it worth it?

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