Talk Show Episode #2: FASD and the Responsibility of Men

Better Safe Than Sorry – Alcohol and Unprotected Sex Don’t Mix… during our second filming we focus on the responsibility of men when it comes to alcohol use and contraception. Being safe is the responsibility of both men AND women. Our guest Nick Bruni is providing us with insights on the male point of view.

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The male responsibility in dating: “If a girl is inebriated, YOU AS A GUY should NOT approach that girl and take her home. Find her friends and let them know that their friend is “blacked out”. As good samaritans they should take her home to avoid the chances of her getting taken advantage of.”

Talking about FASD and the responsibility of men brought us back to the recently uploaded blog post “A fathers fight for appropriate diagnosis and treatment” about Charlie Sheen advocating to have his twin sons evaluated for Fetal Alcohol Syndrom. A father and a mother have the same responsibility for the well being of their children. Raising children is a partnership, both should be an advocate for the best interest of their children. So what makes Brooke Mueller refuse having the twins evaluated? Our guess since they are a profile couple, she might be afraid of her image as well as being afraid that she is not going to retain custody as a result of their ongoing divorce. But also there is another important point: the female’s guilt… that she was the one drinking and either knowingly or unknowingly causing brain damage to the developing fetus. But hold on…isn’t that the man’s problem as well?! HE COULD HAVE USED CONTRACEPTION OR ENCOURAGED HER TO STAY ABSTINENT WHEN PLANNING A PREGNANCY! 

Think about it, if he is drinking, isn’t it more likely that she is drinking as well? The Washington Post published an interesting advice column “It’s not fair for my husband to drink while I am pregnant”

Why do we let “our social drug of choice” harm our future generation?

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