Prevention Approaches in Australia

BSTS Blog Series: “Protecting unborn babies from alcohol-related harm”

Written by Nathalie P

Prevention Approaches in Australia

At first glance, it seems outrageous that children with FASD can’t have a normal life because their mother’s irresponsible decision to use alcohol during pregnancy. In some communities, the high prevalence rates of alcoholism and social pressures make alcohol abuse common during pregnancy. The “Lililwan Project” has been established to study the prevalence of FASD in Australia where rates are high among indigenous (aboriginal) populations. The project aims to help children with FASD by involving families, doctors, and teachers to address their unique learning and developmental issues. It also raises awareness about the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. These efforts have led to some aboriginal groups in Western Australia taking action to prevent FASD by successfully limiting the sales of hard liquor in their communities.

My question is – if small communities in Australia are able to get the message out that alcohol use at any point in pregnancy is dangerous, what is stopping us from spreading the word throughout the U.S.?

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