Growing Recognition of Prevalence of Disorders Brought on by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Psychiatric News – American Psychiatric Association News
Just how prevalent is this epidemic?

In a study on the prevalence of the ND-PAE epidemic, Carl Bell, M.D., found that nearly 40% of patients seeking mental health care in Chicago had profiles consistent with ND-PAE, or Neurodevelopmental Disorder associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure. This was found in a study with 611 adult and child psychiatric patients at the Family Medicine Clinic at Jackson Park Hospital, located in Chicago’s South Side.

Carl Bell attended our symposium that was given at the 2015 APA Conference in Toronto, Canada on May 18th 2015. At this symposium, Dr. Susan D. Rich, MD, MPH, was joined by Scott Parnell, MD, and Sydnie Butin, a fellow BSTS intern, as they presented on the various levels of the ND-PAE epidemic. Their presentations were followed by a panel in which Bonnie Buxton, author of Damaged Angels, and her husband Brian Philcox spoke about raising their adopted daughter with ND-PAE, and Lauren Grenier, a fellow BSTS intern, spoke about her time at a three-month stint in a Residential Treatment Center and her new perspective on ND-PAE.

To find out more about Carl Bell’s findings and the APA conference: read the article here.

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