My Baby’s Breath Program – A Treatment Plan for Expectant Alcoholic Mothers

As an Expectant Mother, your Blood Alcohol Content is the Same as your Baby’s.

My Baby’s Breath Program is a self-administered breathalyzer program that is implemented for pregnant women who are using alcohol. It is a program that provides monitored support including incentives to help women abstain from alcohol while they are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

The breathalyzer works on the notion that the alcohol content of the mother is the same for the fetus while she is pregnant. A professional contact or other trusted, responsible adult determines the number of tests given per day to the mother, and daily and monthly reports are printed out to record the mother’s progress during pregnancy.

It was developed by Healthy Brains for Children, a nonprofit founded by Jody Allen Crowe, author of The Fatal Link and founder of Think Before Your Drink Program, which created the Pregnancy Test Dispensers to be placed in bars. Read more about My Baby’s Breath Program at this website:

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