APA 18th Annual Meeting – ND-PAE: Society’s Preventable Mental Health Epidemic

On May 20th, Dr. Susan Rich presented at the American Psychiatric Association’s 168th Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada. The Symposium was entitled Neurodevelopmental Disorder Associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Society Preventable Mental Health Epidemic. Her presentation, The Hidden Cost of ND-PAE, focused on the history of ND-PAE, the damaging effects of this disorder, and her treatment method for those diagnosed.

She was followed by Dr. Scott Parnell, with his presentation entitled: Exposure to Ethanol During Early Gestation. Here, Dr. Parnell focused on the biological damages that happen to fetuses neurodevelopmentally during their gestation development, honing in on his own studies completed with mice.

Following Dr. Parnell was BSTS Intern Sydnie Butin, who presented Better Safe than Sorry: A Tipping Point. Sydnie focused on our campaign, and the dangers associated with college students drinking at binge rates.

The symposium closed with a panel discussion with Bonnie Buxton, Brian Philcox, and BSTS Intern Lauren Grenier. Bonnie, author of Damaged Angels, spoke about her experience raising an adopted daughter with ND-PAE. Brian spoke in a larger scope about FASworld, Bonnie and Brian’s non-profit to raise awareness and support for ND-PAE. Finally, Lauren spoke on her own experience interning at a Residential Treatment Center, and how recently learning about this epidemic has shaped her understanding of services in place for these individuals.

To view this symposium, please visit the link below. 


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