Housing for individuals affected by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Since I moved to the Washington, D.C. area in 2001, I have wanted to develop a community for individuals affected by prenatal alcohol exposure – also known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).  Two years ago, I founded 7th Generation Foundation, Inc. in order to begin the development process, including identifying a property to relocate my private practice and have a “home base” for 7th Generation to live and grow.  We now have Dream Catcher Farm in Potomac, a therapeutic farm animal sanctuary where children, adolescents and adults with effects of prenatal alcohol exposure can be evaluated, treated, and receive vocational skills while interacting with gentle farm animals.  While Dream Catcher Farm is still evolving, our board is on its way toward establishing a therapeutic community for young women affected within the womb by our social drug of choice, alcohol.

This article from Canada makes it clear that we are on the right track.  Individuals with FASD require supportive, safe, affordable housing with the opportunity to assist with job training and coaching, life skills, time management, organization, household responsibilities, grocery shopping, and other daily living skills that many of us take for granted.  Looking forward to an article like this being posted one day about the therapeutic community we will build!

Edmonton housing for people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders first of its kind in Canada


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